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Remote Monitored Systems
These days, most insurance companies will insist that not only is a suitable alarm system in place, but it must be monitored as well. Although an alarm going off may be enough to drive away an intruder, outside of business hours it may not alert a member of staff. Also, it is extremely unlikely that the police will attend the premises unless there is evidence of an offence being in process.

This is why a monitored alarm system, which is connected to a 24 hour monitoring service, is the solution when an on-site presence is unnecessary or impractical.

Our well trained, skilled and professional operators can make sure that the appropriate response is mounted when an alarm is activated. They can filter out false alarms, which assures that you can maintain police support when itís really needed.

Intruder alarms are not the only time when an immediate response is required. Vast sums of money can be saved by our monitoring service alerting service engineers, when equipment fault alarms go off for cooling, heating or other environmental control systems.

The way monitoring works is that when your alarm system is activated, a signal is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Upon receiving this signal, a call will be placed to the premises to see if everything is ok, or whether a mistake has occurred. Then, if it is appropriate, the ARC will alert the key holder, the police, or dispatch our vehicle patrol if you have that service with us.

By subscribing to our remote monitoring system, you can make the investment in your security system go a lot further. By activating remote monitoring with us, you can minimise your costs but maximise the protection of your property, assets, stock and people. You can enjoy all the peace of mind and benefits of 24/7 protection, without the need and expense of a permanent, manned security presence.