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Key Holding
For situations where a full blown security service is unnecessary or impractical, our key holding service may just be the answer to your security requirements.

Itís also a fact that, an increasing number of businesses are becoming more aware of the potential risks and problems associated with having employees as key holders. There is no getting away from the issue that in the face of todayís lone worker policies and practices, putting the responsibility for attending alarm call outs with employees, puts them at a greatly increased risk.

By contracting Security Services and Systems to take care of your alarm activations, you move that risk onto a professional organisation that is properly trained, insured and experienced to deal with any situation that they may come across.

With the best will in the world, an employee is unlikely to respond as quickly and efficiently, as a company whose entire focus is the security of the premises they are contracted to secure.

An employee who has responded to several seemingly false alarms may, understandably, adopt a slightly complaisant attitude to a callout, especially in the early hours before, or after a full dayís work. You can rest assured that, because the security of your premises is our business, all activations will be treated with the utmost urgency and with the swiftest response.

With key holding, we hold a set of spare keys for your premises at all times. This allows us to respond swiftly to any alarm call out, and to thoroughly investigate the reason for the activation.

Upon receiving a call out, one of our highly visible patrols will be swiftly dispatched to the property, with the ability to enter the site and find out why the alarm was set off. The patrol will liaise with our control centre at all times, allowing us to keep our client, and when necessary the police, informed of exactly what the circumstances are.

You may or may not be aware, that as many as 8 out of 9 alarm activations are false alarms, and only ten percent of activations are caused by any form of criminal activity.

It is also a fact that the police will downgrade their response rate to your premises, if you have had more than two false alarm call-outs in a twelve month period. Also, many smaller businesses are not even covered by the police, even though they have an alarm system in place and operational.

Our key holder service really does provide a cost effective back up and enhancement, to the alarm system you already have in place.