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Alarm Response
For situations where the client needs to keep costs to a minimum, but still needs access to a professional security presence, our alarm response service may be just what you are looking for.

Whether we hold keys to your premises or not, you can call upon us to go out to your property in our highly visible, marked patrol vehicle. Upon arrival, our SIA licensed security guard will assess the situation and report as necessary to either the police or the client.

Our alarm response service allows you to have a trained and professional response to an incident, without the extra expense of a more comprehensive 24/7 monitored or on-site security solution. The alarm response service means that you do not have to place yourself, or an employee, in a potentially hazardous situation.

Especially for a small business operation, the option of calling out a professional security company means you can avoid you, or your employees, having to attend call outs in the early hours. These call outs could mean long, tiring journeys in the middle of the night that can leave people tired and worn out, before they actually even start their normal day’s work.

It may be that a client still intends that they, or a member of their staff, will attend the call out. However, they still want to have the back up of trained and professional, SIA licensed security guard there as they do not know what they may come across. In the event of intruders being present, it is extremely unwise for an ordinary key holder to confront them, both in terms of their personal safety, as well as other insurance and legal implications.

If you have an alarm system in your premises, it really does make a lot of sense to have the back up and support of our professional security team at your disposal. Even if it is simply just our alarm response service, you will be glad that you have that assistance available to you when you need to call upon it.

After all, an alarm system is only as good as the response to the activation of that alarm. Our services mean that you can get the most out of whatever security system you choose to put in place.

By using Security Services and Systems, you can rest easier knowing that the very best in professional security services is part of your team, and that you are doing the very best to protect your people, your property and your assets.