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Construction Industry

There are three main stages to the lifecycle of a construction site: the beginning of the project or ground zero stage, the middle period where the building is up and running, and the final handover stage. Each of these three stages produces its own challenges as far as the security of your site is concerned. Here, we will look at the specific threats to your project throughout the three stages of construction to illustrate the consistent need for a quality security presence.

When your project is in the ground zero stage, there is obviously little to worry about in terms of the building itself. However, during the initial stages of construction its highly likely that there is going to be some very expensive plant and machinery brought onto the site. Diggers, earth movers, cement mixers, cranes, and lots of other machinery can prove irresistible for both thieves and vandals alike. Only in the unlikely event of the plant and machinery being moved off site every night, could you rest easily without a professional security presence. Even then, an opportunist could well make their way onto an unguarded site and make away with something youd rather they didn't.

Once the construction is well on the way, the heavy plant may well be off the site. Unfortunately, this presents another set of temptations to a potentially, even larger group of undesirables. Your site now will be potential goldmine of goodies that both the casual thief as well as the organised gangs would like to get their hands on. Just think about what will be on the site by then: window frames, doors, plaster board, paint, tools, pipes and fittings, wood, metal; the list is almost endless. A 24 hour security service could save you a fortune by deterring the plundering of your site, especially during the hours of darkness.

Finally, the project is ready for handover to the client, the plant and machinery is long gone, and all the materials are firmly in place in the new building and the tools are packed away. Why would you still have to worry about the site? Well, until the building is formally handed over, there is the risk that much of the work could be undone by mindless vandalism. While you are still responsible for the site, any vandalism would have to be fixed by the contractor; eating in to the valuable profits and destroying your budget forecasts. Perhaps worse still, is the possibility of the site being taken over by squatters? Long and drawn out court proceedings to remove them are the very last thing that you and your client would want at the end of the project.

By hiring Security Services and Systems, you can be calm in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to protect your site, your budget, your profits and your reputation. Your peace of mind is our priority, and our business.