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Welcome to SS&S
Despite the fact that technology has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years, there is still nothing better than having static guards in place on your site.

No amount of visible or hidden CCTV cameras, can replace the vital levels of security to your industrial or commercial site that real life security guards can deliver. Although a closed circuit system can be an invaluable addition to your security arsenal, the eyes, ears, experience and common sense of a security operative, provide an overall peace of mind that can never truly be achieved with technology alone.

We provide 24 hour cover and protection for your site, with our security guards generally working twelve hour shifts. As all our guards wear a recognisable uniform, they provide a visible deterrent that can discourage only the most determined of intruders.

To complement our on-site guards, we also have marked vehicle patrols with security guards on board, which patrol sites that we man, as well as sites that we are key holders for.

For clients that do not wish to have a full security service, we also offer a key holding for a monthly charge, which acts as a backup in case of alarm activations. Whether we are holding keys or not, when called on by a client to go to their property, we attend in our marked vehicles and report as appropriate to either the police or the client.

Our 24 hour alarm monitoring service allows clients to know that their site is being monitored by our control centre, who are ready to respond as soon as an alarm is raised. This is perfect for situations where the client does not need a static guard in place on their premises, but still needs to know that their property is secure.

Even though a big part of our work is construction site security, we also specialise in several other areas. As well as a construction site, are also able to provide solutions for: retail security, warehouse security, access control and provision of a gate man.

No matter what your security needs, our thorough, professional, reliable and flexible solutions, can be adapted to suit just about any requirement you may have.