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Health and Safety
Here at Combined Site Security, we recognise and undertake our duties under the health and safety at work act 1974, and the accompanying legislation. We continually endeavour to meet the requirements of the legislation, and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment at all times, and for all concerned.

All our managers, as well as any other supervisory staff employed by us, are fully aware of their responsibilities. They ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety, the health, and the welfare of all those that are likely to be affected by our undertaking.

Combined Site Security, in so far as it is practical to do so, recognises its duty to ensure that:

  • We provide a safe and healthy working environment, with safe working practices and safe equipment which is appropriate, and approved for the task.
  • Regular risk assessments are undertaken, and that any potential hazards are identified and dealt with appropriately.
  • We will provide all necessary training and instruction, to ensure that all employees and other individuals have a safe and healthy environment, in which to work.
  • We continually promote of health and safety as best practice, throughout our entire organisation.
  • We always ensure that all appropriate, protective and preventative measures are taken to maintain a safe working environment.
  • We always make sure that we have constant access to all necessary and competent advice, and that we are always able to secure compliance with our statutory duties.

To make sure that we comply with all necessary health and safety practices and legislation, all our employees are made fully aware of their responsibilities under the act. We endeavour to ensure that our employees and fully informed of their duty to take reasonable care of both themselves, and others that may be affected by their activities.

We guarantee that all our employees understand their obligations, and that they co-operate with management in adhering to the rules and regulations laid out to them in the employee safety handbook they are all provided with.

No one understands better than we do just how important health and safety is, especially in environments such as a construction sites. Thatís why health and safety considerations are at the very top of our list of priorities, when preparing quotes and risk assessments for our clients.